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Dress Code

HOPE Christian School stresses Biblical standard of modesty and appropriateness of dress. (Romans 12:1)

Did you Know?

The three most important factors to parents in our school dress code are modesty, comfort, and school/community pride.  HOPE Christian School seeks to promote these characteristics while fostering an enriching educational environment.

Click here for complete information on the HCS Dress Code in the 2023-24 Student Handbook.

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Frequently Asked Questions


No, all clothing above the waist that is not a polo or button down shirt must be HOPE branded. To assist with dress code compliance without undue cost, HOPE is providing ON-SITE BRANDING of your student's existing apparel.

No, all non-HOPE branded shirts must be buttoned, unless it is paired with a HOPE branded shirt.
No, all t-shirts must be HOPE branded and must have an approved HOPE logo. All apparel from activities hosted by HOPE will meet dress code requirements.
No, it is not a HOPE-branded t-shirt.
No, only apparel worn above the waist needs to be HOPE branded.
No, students may wear polos and button down shirts from any vendor.
Students who are dressed inappropriately will be required to make alterations, change into a provided change of clothes, or will be sent home to change into appropriate attire. The administration reserves the right to make a final judgment concerning the appropriateness of clothing.
Students who attend activities after school hours (i.e., games, competitions, etc.) do not have to be in the school dress code; however, all clothing must be modest and in good taste.  When students are working in official HOPE capacity, they must wear regular school dress code.
No, all HOPE apparel must be produced and approved by Hope Christian School.
Dresses need to have a collar and sleeves. Overalls and rompers can  be worn with a collared shirt with sleeves (no HOPE T-shirts).
We plan to offer periodic on-site branding opportunities. The next one will be prior to the change of seasons.
To help Husky families help each other, we plan to put collection bins for donated HOPE apparel around campus so we have more inventory for the next swap.