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Coach Resources

Our athletes, like all students, coaches, staff and administrators, are walking billboards for HOPE Christian School.  Our behavior, like our attire, should accurately reflect the HOPE brand at all times. 
The basic rule of thumb is that we need to have one identifying (official logo) mark on all items.  Usually for sports that is the husky head.  (The paw is not an official mark, but can be used in conjunction with our official logos and/or wordmarks). 

Please use an approved vendor for designing your team and/or spirit gear.  They are familiar with HOPE's guidelines.  Then send the mock-up to [email protected] for approval.  You will need this email approval to submit with your REQ.
Contact the Finance Office for login information/instructions for Financial Edge Web Portal.

  • Fill out and submit the REQ.
  • Logo / design approval must be provided in order for a PO to be issued.
  • Wait to receive an emailed Purchase Order (PO) from the Finance Office.
  • Make approved purchase
  • “Receive” PO in Financial Edge Web Portal.
  • Email receipts and/or invoices to [email protected]
* Hints, account setup, tutorials, etc. can be accessed from the NMAA website:                      
* AD's/Facility Scheduling: J. Murphy, M. Kocurek, J. Garcia
* Finance Office: R. Cuyler
* Logo/Fundraising:  L. Leong
* Transportation: K. Gray
* Athletic Trainer: C. Lloyd
Points of Contact