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Due to the leadership of our new Head of School back in 2017/18, the wisdom of the HOPE Board to approve the investment, and the aggressive 6-month rollout by our fabulous IT department, HOPE was ready for COVID!
During the Spring of 2020, we seamlessly transitioned to at-home learning, but starting in August and for the remainder of the pandemic, we provided 5-day per week, in-person learning. Our use of technology strengthened our ability to provide in-person learning while abiding by the mandates.
1:1 Device initiative (6-12th) graders either have a laptop they own and can bring to school, or they are assigned one of HOPE's Google Chromebooks.
Smart boards are also in gyms, HS weight room, MS library, and administrative meeting room.


  • Library and classroom applications - 
    • Notes, brainstorming, and concept mapping                  
    • Assessments and exit slips
    • Embed multimedia
    • Flipped classroom modules
    • Morning routines
    • Classroom participation
    • Collaborative learning                    
    • Educational gaming
    • Click-and-drag activities
    • Interactive worksheets
    • Graphic organizers
    • Slide presentations
    • PE / weight training - Interactive workouts 
By spending less time troubleshooting and more time for collaborative learning, HOPE has adopted user-friendly technology to empower our staff and students.
Despite the challenges of teaching both in-person and remote learners concurrently during COVID, thanks to our forward thinking technology approach, classrooms on all three campuses found more ways to integrate tech with easy-to-use tools on Promethean ActivPanel displays.