Parent Teacher Fellowship (PTF) is a group of parent volunteers that “prayerfully serves to strengthen the HCS community, all to the glory of God."

Please send all PTF correspondence to the following e-mail address:
Hello Hope Elementary School Families,
Our online ONLY fundraiser starts today! Help our school raise money with our simple and easy online fundraiser sales site. Over 500 items available in the online store and a straight donation option is available for those who don't want to purchase any items. Purchased items can be delivered straight to your home or delivered to the school for the student or parent to bring home. Please register today and share with family and friends! Post daily on your social media pages, text and email your link to as many people as possible, call family and friends and ask for support, and encourage family and friends to share your email link and post link on their social media, too!
Important information for your sale:
School ID: 3091
Student ID: each child will have their own ID, so check their flyer for their individual ID number!
The online fundraiser ends November 4, 2021. This fundraiser is prize-free, which means this is just a fundraiser for the school without the hassle of earning prizes. Flyers will be sent home with your child, so make sure you check their folders. Thank you for supporting Hope Christian School. 
Hope PTF
A private PreK-12 non-denominational Christian school in Albuquerque, New Mexico