Welcome to Hope Christian Middle School

Thank you for your interest in Hope Christian Middle School! In middle school, students are able to enhance their education by participating in numerous extracurricular activities. These activities, along with daily classwork, help students explore their interests in a Christian environment.

When a student’s middle school education is complete at Hope Christian, he or she will be ready for the challenges and opportunities available to them in high school.

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  • Academic

    Hope Middle School offers Advanced / Honors classes, Science Fair requirements, Computer Lab, PE, and a variety of electives including Art, Music, Show Choir, Foreign Language, Yearbook, and Broadcasting,
  • Spiritual

    Through weekly chapel assemblies, missions and community outreach activities, and an advanced curriculum where all subjects are taught through a Biblical worldview, students begin to live out their faith inside and outside the halls of Hope Christian School.
  • Social

    Through, field trips, and extracurricular sports and activities, our students put their faith into action by honoring others above themselves.


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    Connie Higgs 

    Middle School Principal
A private PreK-12 non-denominational Christian school in Albuquerque, New Mexico