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Curriculum Requirements

In addition to one year of Religious Studies and eight hours of Community Service for each year, students are required to earn 24 credits to graduate as follows:

English 4 Science (one must be a lab) 3
Foreign Language 2 P.E. 1
Mathematics 4 Fine Arts 1
Social Studies 3½ Practical Arts 1
(U.S. History & Geography 1) Communication Skills ½
(World History & Geography 1) Electives 4
(U.S. Civics/Economics 1) Senior Internship
(NM History ½)

Students transferring to Hope Christian School are required to graduate with 24 credits. All students must take English each year of attendance and no student may take more than one regular English class at a time.

Courses must be completed by graduation unless an exception has been granted. All courses must be completed prior to the beginning of the following school year.

A typical four-year course of study at Hope is as follows:

List of 4 items.

  • Freshman

    English 1
    Math Course
    Computer Applications
    Fine Art
    World History/Geography
    New Testament Survey
    Community Service
  • Sophomore

    English II
    Math Course
    P.E./Weight Training
    Spanish I
    Old Testament Survey
    Communications Skills/NM History
    Community Service
  • Junior

    English III
    Math Course
    Science Course
    U.S. History
    Spanish II
    Christian Living
    Community Service
  • Senior

    English IV
    Math Course
    U.S. Civics/Economics
    World View / Apologetics
    Community Service
    Senior Internship
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