Parent Testimonials

There are many reasons families choose HOPE.  Here are a few explanations, in their own words.


The Norman family has two boys who attended public school, and they were happy there ... until COVID.  Here they reflect on the reasons they chose HOPE, and the reasons they stay.

HOPE is the real deal. When they say it's a family, it's true. Teachers are genuinely invested in their students' lives - from academics to spiritual to extracurricular. And how they handled COVID was heads above other schools in ABQ. They managed to stay open for in-person learning and keep the students and staff safe the entire 2020-21 school year. A+ for this year!!!!
~ Parent review on Niche

Why Make the Financial Sacrifice?

Switching from tuition-free public education to private school tuition for their four children was a big decision for the Bensons.  Here they discuss why they decided to make that financial sacrifice, and what it has meant for their family.
Both my daughter and my son graduated from Hope and had a great experience. They both attended UNM (business and engineering) and were well prepared. Both have well-paying jobs in their career field. I would not trade the education or experience they received by attending Hope Christian School. 
~ Parent review on Niche
A private PreK-12 non-denominational Christian school in Albuquerque, New Mexico