Hope Christian School

Hope Christian Preschool Philosophy


Hope Christian Preschool is committed to the total development of each child placed under our care. Our preschool endeavors include meeting the unique academic, social, and spiritual needs of our youngest students. Children enrolled in Hope Christian School learn in a safe and nurturing environment where Godly character is promoted and the wholeness of every child is addressed. As children absorb ideals early, we feel strongly that a values-driven environment is essential during the early education process and beyond.

We believe young children need and desire social interaction with peers and that they are ready to learn both academically and spiritually. Our curriculum prepares preschoolers for elementary classes by providing a fun format for learning numbers, letters, and Bible. We promote the love of learning and the love of Truth, laying a strong foundation in the heart and mind of a child.

It is also our desire to work closely with Hope Christian School families in making the class-room experience a positive one for both children and parents!

Rhonda Jones,
Director, Hope Preschool

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