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Welcome to Hope Christian High School

Dear Parents and Students,

Welcome to the 2015-16 school year!  Our campus has been very active with maintenance, construction projects and summer camps.  It is exciting to see the new changes and upgrades, and what our campus looks like now compared to its humble beginning.  In fact, as we enter into the 40th year of Hope’s doors opening, I have to stop and think about the incredible amount of faith that Wayne and Alma Ehlert had to have had to begin this school in 1976.                 

In 1976 Hope graduated a senior class of four students.  Last year, we graduated 129 seniors, with over 1,394 total students in grades PK-3 through 12th grade.  As I pondered the faith that it took to start this school, I began thinking about my own faith and the factors that go into growing my faith.  Faith is the cornerstone of Christianity, and we have many reminders in the bible of how men and women of faith continually sought the Lord through challenging times.   

As Billy Graham said: “Our job is to faithfully proclaim, to pray, to sow the seed, and that seed may germinate in many ways.”  As our society and culture grows and expands, so to do the options and choices that our young people have on a daily basis.  They are continually bombarded with all kinds of messages that can shake their faith.  As we enter into this school year, I would challenge us all to step back and look not only at the many ways that the Lord has been faithful to this school, but in our own lives as well.  Lets be UNSHAKEABLE, and as iron sharpens iron, spur one another on to a greater depth of knowledge and love for Jesus Christ.  Let us remember that the only way that we can let our love overflow into other people’s lives is to have our cup full to overflowing.       

The Hope Christian High School Theme for 2015-16 is:  "Unshakeable Faith”

Scripture for this year:  "Now faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see” ` Hebrews 11:1 —

Terry Heisey, Principal
Hope Christian High School  
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